Revers♥e-vine™ Grapevine Liquid Concentrate

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Grapevine Liquid Concentrate


Reverse-vine™ is a proprietary extract from a blend or red wine, grape cluster stems & grapevine.

Waterfall, JapanCombining the antioxidant power of Grapevine and Greet Tea, the healing properties of Reverse-vine™ and the absorption benefits of ionic minerals, provides the latest in total body health.

Sweetened with Agave cactus nectar ...

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kollaGen II-xs™ Pomegranate Liquid Concentrate

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Kollagen II-xs



Pomegranate Liquid Concentrate 

Juicy pomegranate and its half with leaves. Isolated on a white background.



The Ultimate Solution for Total Body Health!

KollaGen II-xs™ + Olea25™ + Pomegranate + Green Tea
kollaGen II-xs ™ Pomegranate Liquid Concentrate

Sweetened with agave cactus along with the perfect blend of Pomegranate, Cranberry and Elderberry concentrates, kollaGen

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