The reporting of results from this human clinical trial demonstrated that kollaGen I.V.X. HEM™ Hydrolysate Hydrolyzed Eggshell Membrane is a practical treatment option for the overall management of Joint and Connective Tissue Disease, Symptoms and related superfluous side effects. The study in particular noted an excellent response for participants suffering from Osteoarthritis. A clinical trial dosage of 500mg taken once per day had a rapid response effect within a 7 day period and over 70% at day 14. The participants’ clinical picture continued onward to 30 days into the trial receiving the full weight of the substances capabilities to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling to regional swelling to some degree.

woman with pillsClinical Trial Human (30 Day)

General Pain Results within 3 -7 days (91.7% Reduction; P = 0.006)

flexibility (74.5% increase; P = 0.0035)

Range of Motion Associated with Pain (77.3% reduction; P = 0.020)

Clinical Trial Human (60 Day)

General Pain (91.7% reduction; P = 0.006)

Flexibility (70.6% increase; P = 0.006)

Range of Motion Associated Pain (77.3% reduction; P = 0.020)