Branded Ingredients

Kollagen II-xs

Nature’s most complete joint health, 100% Avian Sternum Collagen Type II. Clinically proven effective.

kollaGen I. V. X.

100% Hydrolyzed Avian Egg Membrane. Contains collagen I, V. X. Clinically proven effective.

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Advanced Collagen Recovery Compound. Contains Collagen Types I, II, V, X & Mucopolysaccharides.

KollaJell uniquely supplies special nutrients of collagen and minerals founded only in jellyfish. KollaJell composed of minerals such as (calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. It also, contains Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid, Mucopolysaccride and Glucosamine.

H.A. 95

Nature’s Most Perfect Synovial Fluid. Pure & Natural Hyaluronic Acid Sodium.

A granule powder made from cultivated organic olive leaves, tested by Brunswick Laboratories 6,857,600 ORAC! based on µmol Te/100g

An advanced pharmaceutical food grade botanical
extract that is naturally sourced from persimmon leaves, scientifically known as Diospyros kaki Thumb.


Newly discovered molecule beyond resveratrol, featuring “Tans-e-Viniferin”. Grapevine Extract Powder.


A natural blend of purified active compounds having an extremely high anti-oxidant profile with the highest ORAC value to fight free radicals & slow down aging.

An extract rich in the powerfully protective nutrients of hydrolysable tannins, and punicic acid. 100% Pomegranate Seed Powder.

SCP-II Complex

Undenatured Salmon Collagen Proteoglycan complex containing perfectly balanced 40% Type II collagen and 30% Proteoglycans.