Branded Ingredients

Undenatured Salmon Collagen Proteoglycan complex containing perfectly balanced 40% Type II collagen and 30% Proteoglycans.

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Advanced Collagen Recovery Compound. Contains Collagen Types I, II, V, X & Mucopolysaccharides.

H.A. 95

Nature’s Most Perfect Synovial Fluid. Pure & Natural Hyaluronic Acid Sodium.

Kollagen II-xs

Nature’s most complete joint health, 100% Avian Sternum Collagen Type II. Clinically proven effective.

kollaGen I. V. X.

100% Hydrolyzed Avian Egg Membrane. Contains collagen I, V. X. Clinically proven effective.


Newly discovered molecule beyond resveratrol, featuring “Tans-e-Viniferin”. Grapevine Extract Powder.

An extract rich in the powerfully protective nutrients of hydrolysable tannins, and punicic acid. 100% Pomegranate Seed Powder.


A natural blend of purified active compounds having an extremely high anti-oxidant profile with the highest ORAC value to fight free radicals & slow down aging.

A granule powder made from cultivated organic olive leaves, tested by Brunswick Laboratories 6,857,600 ORAC! based on umol Te/100g