Nobel Prize Wining Research Unlocks the Key Elements that Cause Cell Aging; Telomeres, and Important Piece of the Puzzle of Human Aging


What is Telos95™ – Telos95- horizontalis the discovery is the result of more than a decade of research. The initial research was about SIR2 Protein and Telomere maintenance in relation to the aging process. After experimenting with many purified natural compounds our research finally succeeds with tthe perfected composition of Telos95- horizontal, scientifically validated to work.

How does Telos95™ WorkTelos95- horizontal is a natural blend of purified active compounds having an extremely high anti-oxidant profile with the highest ORAC value to fight free radicals and slow down the aging process of our healthy cells by nutrition. Telos95- horizontal halts action on the shortening of healthy telomeres. This stabilization of the telomeres allows the healthy chromosomes to continue duplication. A healthy telomere is genetically programmed to duplicate 50 to 60 times before cell death.

Telos95- horizontal is manufactured into powdered form and can be easily formulated into capsules, tablets, beverages, and nutrition bars. Recommended daily dosage is only one small capsule taken daily with food. It is a safe and effective dietary supplement which is highly purified from a natural botanical source.


Telomeres – Are the new discovery of the Century. The 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three scientists who solved an essential element in biology, how chromosomes replicate in a complete way during cellular division and how they are protected from degradation. Most people are not familiar with the phrase telomere, telomerase enzyme, and/or telomere length.It will become a household topic in coming years. Telomeres hold remarkable information about the path of our health and may provide the single most important biomarker of aging.

What are Telomeres – Telomeres are the biological clocks that are ticking from the day we are conceived until the day we die. When cells divide and replicate, we lose telomere length. Cellular reproduction is required on a regular basis to repair damaged tissue and to cope with stresses, both good and bad. When telomeres are reduced to approximately five thousand base pairs, our cells become Senescent (a retirement like state in which they die or no longer divide). Telomeres are defined as the protective tail at the end of a chromosome structure that conveys the genetic material information of our cells. Telomeres keep our chromosomes intact and functioning to reproduce cells, the key to healthy aging. Telomere length is very essential for good health. Having long telomeres is an indication of a healthy individual.

Why is Telomere Length Important – Telomere shortening is correlated with human disease and aging. Short telomeres impair the ability of healthy cells to divide function properly. Longer telomeres are associated with healthy cell replication and longevity.

How Does Aging Affect Telomere Shortening – Aging affects the telomere shortening in two ways:

Ability to Reproduce

As we age, the body’s ability to re-produce the key nutrient Telomerase Enzyme protein slows down, (this enzyme is responsible for the maintenance of telomere health & length) and become shorter and shorter to become too short to have the ability to protect DNA to replicate causing the aging cells or cell death.

Free Radicals

Much of this damage is caused by free radicals: unstable molecules created when the body uses oxygen. Research shows that short Telomeres are linked to the causes of many serious diseases and cause premature aging.


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