*Collagen: SCP-II Complex – Undenatured Type II Salmon Collagen Proteoglycans

SCP-II Complex™

Undenatured Type II Salmon Collagen Proteoglycans


What is the importance of Proteoglycans in collagen?

Proteoglycans promotes the production of collagen and hyluronic acid. Proteoglycans are proteins found in the connective tissue of the body.  Proteoglycans are a class of glycoproteins of high molecular weight that are found especially in the extracellular matrix of connective tissue. It is a remarkable material as the third vital component after collagen and hyaluronic acid, and Type II collagen, it is a currently discussed topic as a main component of articular cartilage

Articular cartilage is a gelatinous bluish tissue covering the tip of the bone and it has the structure that Proteoglycan tangles reticulate frame of type II collagen fiber. It is 4-6mm thick, softer than bone and contains synovial which contains hyaluronic acid as a main component. Articular cartilage has lubricant properties that allow the bones to glide over each other with very little friction. Healthy cartilage in our joints makes it easier to move.

Type II Collagen

Produced from Salmon Nasal Cartilage.

Effectiveness of Proteoglycans for Beauty Skin

Moisture Retention

(1.3 times as that of hyaluronic acid)

Skin brightening effect

Improve rough skin

(proteoglycans are effective moisturizers that smooth and plump the skin making it look fresh & also provide mechanical support for skin cells smoothing out rough patches)

Moisten the derms

*Promoting production of collagen and hyaluronic acid

EGF – like activity

(epidermal growth factor)

Effectiveness of Proteoglycans for Joints

Supports production of collagen – relieves joint pain
Ideal for a lubricating fluid in the joints – improves joint flexibility
Promotes production of hyaluronic acid – healthy beautiful skin
Provides structural integrity to the cells (allowing cell migration by providing the passageways between them)