Olea25®25% Hydroxytyrosol



Infiniti Nutraceuticals advantage is the unique production and purification technology. The Oleuropein has been completely transferred into Hydroxytyrosol by biotransformation process, with no Oleuropein residue in the final product.

Olea25® is the result of a unique patent pending production and purification process that yields 25% hydroxytyrosol content.

Promotes heart health and DNA health protection
Protects against all 5 common free radicals
Ten times higher than Green Tea and two times higher than CoQ10
Biotransformation process, no Oleuropein residue in final product
Nutritional, Skincare, Beverage, Functional Food Applications
25% Hydroxytyrosol measured On Dry Basis (Versus AS IS or W/W)
Antioxidant (ORAC) Protection Comparison

Olea25® = 6,857,600 µmole TE/gram

 SUMAC, BRAN, RAW             = 312,400 µmole TE/gram

 ACAI BERRIES                     = 102,700 µmole TE/gram

COCOA UNSWEETENED     = 55,653 µmole TE/gram

BLUEBERRIES                     = 9,621 µmole TE/gram

POMEGRANATE                  = 4,479 µmole TE/gram

Full Spectrum Antioxidant Support!!!

*Brunskwick Laboratories umoleTE/100g


Promotes heart health and DNA health protection


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Functional Food

Protects against all 5 common free radicals

Olea 25


Hydroxytyrosol often considered nature’s perfect antioxidant, hydroxytyrosol is one of the key active ingredients in the olive that is largely responsible for the olive’s tremendous health benefits. Hydroxytyrosol is a natural phytochemical with high antioxidant properties.

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