H.A. 95




Pure & Natural Hyaluronic Acid Sodium

Infiniti Nutraceuticals advantages are the exclusive extraction technology process to extract HA from Rooster Comb with low molecular weight and for optimum assimilation with natural synovial fluid lubrication and the protection of each cell in the body.

Aging affects the body’s natural collagen, the major protein found in soft connective tissues, skin, cartilage, bones, ligaments and tendons. HA is present in hyaline cartilage, in synovial fluid, in skin tissue including the dermis and epidermis, in the vitreous body of the eye and in various organs including the heart.
Daily supplementation with H.A.95™ natural Hyaluronic Acid may help slow the signs of aging such as skin wrinkle, fatigue, diminished eye function and joint pain. H.A.95™ is a 100% natural, bioavailable food source that is easily formulated to provide the best nutrients for the health and age conscious consumer.

As a natural source of hyaluronic acid, H.A.95™ can also be used for topical skin care formulation to support healthy skin. When mixed with topical cream H.A.95™ aids in moisture retention preserve elasticity and promote over-all skin rejuvenation.

Lubricates joints, eyes, ears, and heart
Keeps skin healthy and youthful
Helps in cell turn over, slows down the aging process.

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