There is now substantiated evidence that orally delivered Hyaluronan (HA) is effectively absorbed by the joints. A Clinical Study conducted by scientists from the Life Sciences Division of the American Institute for Biosocial and Medical Research, Inc. in Puyallup, Washington demonstrated that after only a single oral intake, the HA was absorbed and distributed to organs and joints.chemicalpeel

As with the joints, doctors also inject hyaluronic acid into the skin to eliminate wrinkles, due to the important part HA plays in collagen health. Additionally, HA is used in skin care creams and lotions since it helps to moisturize the skin and combat the dryness and loss of elasticity that occurs in aging skin. Studies have showed how well HA works to rejuvenate aging skin. Some researchers investigated the anti-wrinkle efficacy of topical application, after using the HA-based creams, the women experienced a significant improvement in skin hydration and overall elasticity. Some people apply hyaluronic acid to the skin for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers.