Olive Leaf Extract Powder (7% Hydroxytyrosol)

Olive Leaf Powder-Olive leaf teas have been used for thousands of years to lower fevers, and olive leaf poultices are among the oldest therapies for infections of the skin. Olive leaf is associated with a variety of modern medical claims, some of them backed up with scientific evidence: ´ Antibacterial effects.

Elenoic acid from olives is known to be antibacterial (killing both infectious and helpful bacteria), but the elenoic acid in olive leaf may be broken down in the process of making the tea. Olive leaf poultices may heal skin by encouraging circulation rather than by killing bacteria. ´ Cardiovascular effects.

Oleuropein in olive leaf and in olives may prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing into a form that can form atherosclerotic plaques. The chemical also lowers blood pressure. It has been used to treat Diabetes. Olive leaf extracts have been shown in laboratory studies to lower blood sugars, but their use in treating diabetes in humans is not well documented.

Helps to maintain a normal healthy cardiovascular system, Assists in the maintenance of normal heart function, Has powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties.Has a mild astringent property.

Olive leaf extract can be made into capsules, granule as healthy food and drug. High quality Olive leaf extract may have good solubility in water and ethanol it has been used in the beverage and cosmetics industries.
Olive leaf extract can be incorporated into lotions and body creams used as an anti-aging element. It is a natural antiseptic