Revers♥e-vine with Resveratrol Stimulates Anti-Aging Enzyme



New BIOMOL International Study Shows Stunning Results for Wellness MURRIETA, Calif.–(Business Wire)– Wouldn’t you like to unlock the natural secret to aging gracefully? Scientists now have evidence that the answer could be Revers♥e-vineTM with Resveratrol.

The ingredient Revers♥e-vineTM is a unique blend of red wine and the skin, stems and vines of Muscadine grapes and has proven to contain the most potent concentration of Resveratrol from red wine and grapes on the market. The proprietary extraction process of Revers♥e-vineTM was developed by a California-based nutritional supplement company. This highly effective extraction process prevents the ingredients from any exposure to heat and UV light which ensures that the resveratrol molecule stays intact.

A new study by BIOMOL International shows that Revers♥e-vineTM with Resveratrol unlocks a potent anti-aging gene called SIRT1. The results are significant because SIRT1 has been proven to inhibit and delay a wide number of illnesses including, but not limited to, cardiovascular disease, cancer, type II diabetes and depression.

BIOMOL International is the same laboratory that collaborated with researchers from Harvard Medical School in 2003 in the discovery of SIRT1. SIRT1 has been shown to extend the lifespan in various organisms by up to 70%.

Revers♥e-vineTM contains a potent blend of resveratrol and other antioxidant components extracted from the grapes. These components – trans-resveratrol, trans-e-viniferin, and Oligostilbenes – are the building blocks of Resveratrol and are needed for the body’s optimal absorption of resveratrol. The compounds have been proven in lab studies to unlock the anti-aging gene of Resveratrol more powerfully than red wine alone.

The amazing health benefits of red wine have long been known. The source of its power is a molecular compound called Resveratrol.

But alcohol in excess is harmful.

Revers♥e-vineTM is a non-alcoholic way to enjoy all the important health benefits found in red wine. Revers♥e-vineTM provides the boost of drinking dozens of glasses of red wine without the drawbacks, It is the most potent concentration of health-promoting Resveratrol. Best of all, it is available today without a prescription.

Revers♥e-vineTM comes in liquid and caplet form.

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