Shark Cartilage Powder

Shark Cartilage is widely used as a nutritional and dietary supplement. Shark cartilage is a popular supplement used in alternative medicine to cure a number of ailments and to improve the overall health. Some beneficial effects of shark cartilage claim that this supplement is not only effective against a number of ailments, including cancer, but that it also improves the overall health and promotes well-being. Shark cartilage is thought to have anti-inflammatory effects and it is recommended for people who suffer from arthritis, joint pain and asthma. It can also be effective against skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne, and it is believed to greatly improve the immune system and its response to harmful agents and infections. Shark cartilage supposedly helps rebuild the intestinal walls, which can often become damaged due to toxins found in the food. In addition, shark cartilage can help glaucoma patients by reducing the backed-up fluid pressure in the eye. As for the cancer, shark cartilage is believed to work by disabling the formation of blood vessels that feed the tumors. That way, instead of growing, a tumor shrinks and disappears.