The Chicken & The Egg Came At The Same Time! Certified Nutraceuticals Introduces Incredible New Inventionegg Cell Membrane – kollaGen I.V.X. TM



Murrieta, California – May 29, 2012 – Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of kollaGen I.V.X.™ extracted from egg cell membrane. The original collagen family with over quarter of a century of collagen research has created this very unique collagen.Our advantage is theproprietarypatent pending process and purification technology.This process removes the thin pink membrane from the eggshell without using harsh chemicals to unlock the covalent bonds. Chemicalspotentially damage the delicate nutrients found in egg cell tissues. The new extraction preservesall the natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and hyaluronic acid compounds.

Published research and clinical studieshasshown significant therapeuticeffects and health benefits of the nutrients found in egg cell membrane.Itimprovesthequalityoflife ofpatientswith osteoporosis,reducesarthritisinflammation, protects against gram negative and gram positive bacteria, and viruses.Thesefindingshaveallbeen reportedinpeer-reviewed internationally-recognizedacademicjournals.

kollaGenI.V.X™- patent pending – granule powder contains about15 % collagentype I, V, andX. These powerful combinations of nutrients are important for the proper functioning of skin, bone growth and mineralization, and increases elasticity and skin tone. Egg cell membrane contains about 100 parts of type I to 1 part of type V.The rare type X also is naturally rich in uronic acid the family of sugar acid “Glycosaminoglycan’s”, consist of approximately 48% hyaluronic acid and 52% chondroitin sulfate with some dermatin sulfate copolymers. Those nutrients function increases synovial fluid supports cartilage synthesis and protects joint heath. Egg membrane is also rich in the valuable macro-minerals calcium and sulfur which are essential for the health and support of the muscular and skeletal structure of the mammalian body.Sulfur consists of about 4% by weight and is beneficial in the relief of pain.Eggshell membrane calcium is 2.5 times more readily absorbed in the human body than the inorganic form of calcium carbonate. Recent findings show food source calcium to be a better choice for heart health.

kollaGenI.V.X™recommended daily dietary dosage is 1500mg. classified as “FOOD” and is easily made into capsules, tablets, beverages, food, skin care formulation and cosmetic applications.

Certified Nutraceuticals’ visionary team pioneered the original invention of four Avian Collagen Type II Patents and was the first to introduce collagen supplements to the market more than quarter of a century ago.Certified Nutraceuticalsspecializes in innovative quality collagen and anti-aging nutrients for longevity and good health. We developedkollaGenII-xs™Avian Sternum Extra Strength Collagen Type II for joint health, Olea25™olive leaf hydroxytyrosol. PomEllagic-70™extracted from pomegranate seed withpowerful Ellagic acid and Punicalagins,Revers?e-vine™grapevine extract antioxidant featuring the newly discovered Trans-e-Viniferin which is considered to have more antioxidant effects beyond resveratrol,H.A.95™ Pure &Natural Hyaluronic acid synovial fluid to lubricate healthy joints, and our newest ingredientTendoGuard™Collagen Type I and polysaccharides for keeping tendons healthy and flexible.

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